Pug Product Photo Shoot

I read a post recently from Oh No Rachio about taking photos with your furry friends, as I have two Pugs I thought I would give it a try and see if my cute pugs could bring in some sales.

Gizmo in the photo below was not impressed by the photo shoot and keep walking off in a huff, so not the perfect model, but below are his best shots.

Sherlock on the other hand was a little too involved, but don’t fear the pencil did survive.

Let me know what you think of getting the pugs involved does it help having them there or are you just thinking all my work will be covered in Dog hair (which it is not just to assure you)

Anyway I would love to know your thoughts.

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Man Bangle Commission

As you all know I am very bias and I only really like making pretty jewellery for women, so when I was asked to make a bangle/ bracelet for a man I was less than enthusiastic but actually I had a great time. It may look like an easy object to make but in fact it was very tricky to create an even oval shape and creating the gap in the centre.

It took a couple of hours but below is my very first man bangle, let me know what you think.

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Heart Motif Plates

Hi guys over the bank holiday I have been hand painting heart motifs or white side plates. They are now selling on Etsy.

Let me know what you think below,

   20140827_082350 20140827_082320 1


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5 Ways to Clean Silver Jewelry


Great tips for cleaning jewellery!

Originally posted on Corey Egan Metalsmithing:


When it comes to silver jewelry, it’s hard to not bring up the big, grey elephant in the room: Tarnish.

It’s one of the most common complaints I’ve received during my years working in jewelry studios and galleries; removing tarnish is a chore. Its presence in our jewelry collection brings us pause each time we’re choosing what to wear. And, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one cure-all method to remove tarnish on every piece.

Over the years I’ve used each one of the 5 methods below to remove tarnish from hundreds of designer jewelry collections—no joke! Not all silver jewelry is created equal; differing alloys, finishes, and presence of gemstones all come into play when finding the right method to clean.

These 5 methods are relatively simple. They require items found in your kitchen or at a local jewelry store. So, without further delay, let’s dig into the basics.

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Little Notebook Treat!

I just brought the two cutest notebooks from Ohh Deer in there sale only £1.50 each. So I got these lovely two and lucky they were still in stock!

I went with the fantastic Gemma Correll’s Pug Position Notebook, which I absolutely love especially as I have two pugs!

pugpositions Notebook

My two pugs below (in case you wanted to know what they look like)

image-fee5e320ddab4317e2951ca194d8792f326c280f923064627273864eee64f435-V IMG_20130610_214708

And the amazing Sausage Dog notebook by Lucie Sheridan!


I went with a lovely dog theme, they have blank pages inside with thick pages and I cant wait to start drawing in them!!

Ohh Deer have great products from amazing illustrators, see all there stationary here.

Let me know if you have gotten any great buys recently.

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Deer Mug Review

Yesterday I received a great new review on our shop from a very lovely lady who purchased a couple of Deer Love a Cuppa Mug and I thought I would share it with you.



“The mugs was carefully packed and shipped pronto! Thank you so much for taking it in consideration that this was a gift, and sending the receipt separately! Coffee in the mornings have a new Dearly meaning now!:)”

mug 2

I really appreciate people taking the time to to write feedback and that people like my work. See all our Etsy shop reviews here.

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Artist Uses Smoke & Glass Bottles To Create Works Of Art


Amazing work by Jim Dingilian!

Originally posted on Design, Design & More Design:


Artist Uses Smoke & Glass Bottles To Create Works Of Art

You know the saying one mans trash is another mans treasure well in this case art piece. Jim Dingilian  a New York artist has found an amazing use for empty glass bottles. He takes the empty glass bottles and coates the interior of the bottle in black smoke then once settled, he uses a fine brush and carefully brushing the interior of the bottle he creates amazing art works. The art works though beautiful have a dark and mysterious feel that are dripping with a sense of suburban decay. 

The idea of using discarded glass bottles to house scenes of suburban decay was intentional and perfectly fitting; “When found by the sides of roads or in the weeds near the edges of parking lots, empty liquor bottles are artifacts of consumption, delight, or dread. As art objects, they…

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