The Fairy Tale Fair

Have you seen our lovely blog post on The Fairy Tale Fair?

Well we will are doing a few craft fairs with these lovely folks, the first fair is the wonderful newly regenerated Brighton Open Market on 23rd November 2014, from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Marshalls Row, London Road, BN1 4JU.


And the very exciting Christmas fair at Brighton Racecourse, there will be over 100 whimsically festive stalls! This is based in Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 9XZ, from 10am to 4pm.


Hopefully we might see some of you at these great fairs, buying some unique one of a kind Christmas gifts.

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Pinny – Sewing session (tutorial)

Step by step guide on how to make a Pinny

  1. Find a fabric you love!
  2. Cut your Pinny Fabric – 60cms x 50cm
  3. imageCut your Pinny Pocket Fabric – 60cms x 20cm
  4. imageCut your Waistband Fabric – 50cms x 11cms
  5. Place the Pocket fabric over the Pinny fabric, Hem the top of the fabric to give a nice finish (1 cm hem.) Don’t forget to back stitch at the start and end of the fabric.
  6. Sew both fabrics together starting at the bottom of the pinny with a 1 cm hem (the not nice hemmed end). It maybe easier to iron the overlap before sewing.
  7. imageStitch the pockets, I used a fun zig zag option on the machine, I had two pockets so measured in 20cms from both sides and stitched from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the pinny (remember reserve stitch, mainly because I have never done this before in my life as I am not great at sewing.)
  8. imageGathering the skirt – Set your machine stitch length to a long stitch. Without back stitching at the start or the finish sew across the top of the apron skirt. Repeat this just inside the first row of stitching.
  9. Take the bottom thread stitching and holding the apron skirt pull into a gather. Do this on both sides of the apron skirt until the apron fits the width of the waistband around 50cms.
  10. I used ribbon for the ties with a width on roughly 2cms and stitched the ribbon around 1 inch into the fabric and an 1 inch ½ from the top of the pinny on both sides
  11. Place a 1cm hem on the waistband fabric and place equally around the top of the pinny and stitch.
  12. We are nearly finished! Now I just turned the sides over by a 1cm and ironed the hem flat and stitched.



Now I am not saying I made the best looking pinny in town, but I gave in a good try and I was quite impressed with the outcome as a non sewer. I would have preferred to glue to all together but I think it worked well.

It took me 3 hours and if you fancy making a pinny give it a go I will be wearing this to by next craft fair. If you need any help while making let me know or if you have any helpful hints please share :)

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Silver Cat Bangle Commission

I thought I would share my latest commission with you for a cat bangle (sorry about the poor photos!) I drew a range of cat bangle ideas and ended up with the one below and created this lovely silver cat cuff bangle. It came from the idea of a sausage cat bangle and a lot of people commented saying it looks either like a cat chasing another cat, I will let you decide. I also stamped 3 little cat whiskers and gave the outside of the bangle a high polish and inside I made a satin finish.

20140930_200824  20140930_200953 20140930_20095920140930_200755

I would love any feedback below and have already started drawing up sausage dog bangle ideas!

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New Woodland Tea Towel!!!!

Hurray my new tea towels have arrived! Today I present you with my new super cute woodland afternoon tea, tea towel. I spent a lot of time adding the little details so I will give you a tea towel tour!


You can see the woodland animals digging into their afternoon tea, Freya the squirrel is standing on a toadstool fishing/dipping her Rich Tree biscuit into a lovely cup of tea. T-bird has flown off with the tweetings, tweet teawoo tea bag and Colin the hedgehog is having a tasty tea bath!

Below is a little background into each character in case you wanted to get to know them a little better.

Colin is a tea connoisseur and is well thought after in the woodland world. You will always find him in the bottom of a tea cup sipping the most delightful tea. His absolute favourite tea is Tweeting with a splash of milk and half a tea spoon of sugar.


Freya always dreamed of being a fishersquirrel, she spent many hours practicing and is now the best fisher women in the woodlands. Freya’s best trick is dipping biscuits into tea from a far, because let’s face it who doesn’t love a dunked Rich Tree biscuit.


T-Bird got her name from her passion of tea, she needs at least 3 cups a day! You will often see her soaring through the sky with a tweeting’s (her favourite brand) wrapped around her claws. T-Bird also absolutely loves the film Grease, I think Colin may even be getting her a T-Bird jacket for Christmas!This high quality tea towel will add a touch of whimsy and delight to your kitchen!
If you fancied grabbing a tea towel they are on sale on our Etsy shop and are 100% cotton with a lovely hanging loop, designed and made in the UK!


Let me know what you think all comments are welcome :)

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Cute little Birdy Earrings

I have been drawing/ doodling lots recently and creating lots of new pieces for Christmas, I am currently making the cutest copper tree decorations and next week hopefully you will get to see the new woodland animal cushions!

Anyway getting to the point I have been making these cute little bird earrings, each bird in sawn by my fair hands and polished into a lovely earring. I sold the first pair a couple of days ago on Etsy and more birdy pairs will be up shortly.

I love making these as each each bird if slightly different, giving a lovely hand made charm. They each have their own little personality and I love pairing up this little love birds!



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Pug Product Photo Shoot

I read a post recently from Oh No Rachio about taking photos with your furry friends, as I have two Pugs I thought I would give it a try and see if my cute pugs could bring in some sales.

Gizmo in the photo below was not impressed by the photo shoot and keep walking off in a huff, so not the perfect model, but below are his best shots.

Sherlock on the other hand was a little too involved, but don’t fear the pencil did survive.

Let me know what you think of getting the pugs involved does it help having them there or are you just thinking all my work will be covered in Dog hair (which it is not just to assure you)

Anyway I would love to know your thoughts.

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Man Bangle Commission

As you all know I am very bias and I only really like making pretty jewellery for women, so when I was asked to make a bangle/ bracelet for a man I was less than enthusiastic but actually I had a great time. It may look like an easy object to make but in fact it was very tricky to create an even oval shape and creating the gap in the centre.

It took a couple of hours but below is my very first man bangle, let me know what you think.

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