As you may know I have two very lovely pugs. A puppy (who’s not much of a puppy anymore, only in spirit) an Gizmo who is 8 years old.



So I thought I would make some cute pug earrings in honour of my lovely pugs and yes I have been a bit obessed with making earrings at the moment.

See my handmade tiny sawn pug earrings below:




Let me know what you think, they are also for sale at my Etsy shop and even have curly tails!


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Elephant Earrings

I thought I would show the process of how I make the tiny elephant earrings.

First I doodle what I would like make and then draw it in illustrator an print out the design to the right size. I then cut out the design and stick it to the silver using spray mount.

wpid-20150724_102939.jpgI then saw out each elephant with 2/0 saw blades or a blade if I’m lucky! I then use a small pointy tool to create the eye with a gentle tap with the hammer.


Next I gave the elephants a rub down with emery paper. I placed them on a doming block to give them a slightly curved shape.

The little elephants are now ready to be made into earrings. With a small flame a little bit of solder an flux I added the backing posts.


The earrings then went for a tumble in the barrelling machine and then had a quick polish on the polishing mop to give them some extra shine! (Please excuse the bad photos)


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Sausage Dog Earrings

These cute handmade sausage Dog Earrings are off to their new home today! Being sent as a lovely thank you gift!

They are so cute I think I might make a pair just for me!


I have also been busy designing an making a new pair of elephant earrings, what do you think?



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New Tea Towel Review

I had a lovely 5 star review I thought I would share with you:

‘Really really nice teatowel. My partner loves it, she can’t believe how cute it is! :D

Have a look at my Etsy shop

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Watch “Lovely Vlog – Week 2 – Mum’s Bracelet Complete + …” on YouTube

New vlig post Lovely Vlog – Week 2 – Mum’s Bracelet Complete + …: https://youtu.be/AjYA7KjvmOE

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Double Twist Silver Bangle

I decided to go back to my favourite style which is shiny twisted things. So I made this double twisted bangle for my mum’s birthday present, as whatever rubbish I make she always loves it an is very grateful.

I started with two 4mm pieces of square wire, bent each piece into a peg shape. I then hammed the middle down when the bend occurs and then pulled out the ends to make the twist. Next I soldered the two wire pieces together and sanded it down so it looked like 1 piece.

See the photos below, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

20150418_180316 20150418_18015020150418_180225  20150418_180323

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Lovely Vlog – Week 2

Hey Guys

I have been keeping up with the vlogging and have made a new post today.

Let me know what you think, thanks :)

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