Xmas Decoration New reviews!

Today we received a couple of lovely reviews from a super lovely customer. It makes the designing an making of our Christmas tree decorations even more extra special. I design all of the decorations and they are made in England near the sea side in Brighton!

What’s really lovely is they all have a glass effect but if one drops off the tree have no fear as they won’t break, so great for kids an grown ups alike.


We love to hear from our amazing customers an so pleased to have so many lovely 5 star reviews.

Visit our shop to see more here.

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Lovely New Xmas Decorations Review

We received a wonderful new review for a custom order of our xmas reindeer but extra large!

“I had a custom order. The reindeers were made bigger & they are gorgeous! Exactly what I wanted. Cannot wait for Christmas to hang them on my tree! Thank you :-)”

Did you know we are selling our Christmas Reindeer now in 3 sizes! Or you can make a custom order too!


Here’s a photo of our new teeny tiny Reindeer below.


I hope your all getting g into the Christmas spirit or is it still to early?!

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Brand New Robin Xmas Decorations

We now have our lovely Robin Christmas Tree Decorations for sale on our Etsy shop.

Our Robins have a gorgeous laser etched breast with an elegant cut through on the wing. The Robins are drawn an designed by myself an made in wonderful England.

Made from acrylic so even through it looks delicate if it falls off the tree it won’t break!!

Only £3.99 or get a discount when you buy 3! Only 79 more days till Christmas



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Xmas decoration already!?

Yes people have started buying Christmas decorations already! An I have followed my lovely customers leas an started my Christmas shopping! Which is metal as I am normally last minute Larry worrying things won’t get delivered in time but not this year!

Anyway we are now selling our Copper Reindeer, teeny tiny glass effect  Reindeer and a larger size with a glacier finish, but don’t worry if they drop off the tree they won’t break!

Copper reindeer only £9.50 on our Etsy shop made by my fair hands.


Lasercut Glass Effect Reindeer £1.99 or £3.99 with discounts when you buy 3 see the teeny tiny Reindeer here.

We also have snowflakes an lots of other pretty decorations coming to the shop soon!!

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As you may know I have two very lovely pugs. A puppy (who’s not much of a puppy anymore, only in spirit) an Gizmo who is 8 years old.



So I thought I would make some cute pug earrings in honour of my lovely pugs and yes I have been a bit obessed with making earrings at the moment.

See my handmade tiny sawn pug earrings below:




Let me know what you think, they are also for sale at my Etsy shop and even have curly tails!


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Elephant Earrings

I thought I would show the process of how I make the tiny elephant earrings.

First I doodle what I would like make and then draw it in illustrator an print out the design to the right size. I then cut out the design and stick it to the silver using spray mount.

wpid-20150724_102939.jpgI then saw out each elephant with 2/0 saw blades or a blade if I’m lucky! I then use a small pointy tool to create the eye with a gentle tap with the hammer.


Next I gave the elephants a rub down with emery paper. I placed them on a doming block to give them a slightly curved shape.

The little elephants are now ready to be made into earrings. With a small flame a little bit of solder an flux I added the backing posts.


The earrings then went for a tumble in the barrelling machine and then had a quick polish on the polishing mop to give them some extra shine! (Please excuse the bad photos)


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Sausage Dog Earrings

These cute handmade sausage Dog Earrings are off to their new home today! Being sent as a lovely thank you gift!

They are so cute I think I might make a pair just for me!


I have also been busy designing an making a new pair of elephant earrings, what do you think?



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