Artisans Angkor – Handmade

In Cambodia we visited the Artisans Angkor craft centre where they create the most beautiful art work, they give work to less fortunate young adults who live rural areas and train them to make wonderful pieces and have a great training program.

The Artisans Angkor offers good working conditions and social advantages to its employees and has now opened 42 workshops in Siem Reap province and provides employment to over 1300 people, including more than 900 artisans.

It’s wonderful that tourists can walk round and see the locals hard at work and it was just fascinating to see the artists hard at work.

Artisans Angkor has become a real showcase of Khmer workmanship for its silk fabrics and garments, stone and wood carving, lacquer ware, polychrome products, silver plating and silk painting.

Below are some photos I took on my show around and I really enjoyed seeing the process of how each item was made.

IMG_0391 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0398    IMG_0397IMG_0394

Above is a step by step guide of how they create these lovely stone elephants.


Screen printing,

IMG_0399  IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0404

I really enjoyed my visit and if your ever in Cambodia its a must take trip


About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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4 Responses to Artisans Angkor – Handmade

  1. I love the hand carved elephant! Very talented crafts person 🙂

  2. Pervana says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing! Nice post! 🙂

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