Jewellery Table Update

Since my last post showing how to create a Jewellery table from an old table, I have been shopping shopping and more shopping. Which I’m loving but I’m not sure my bank account feels the same way :(. Anyway I didn’t want to go to over board buying jewellery bits and bobs so I wrote two lists. One including all the items I actually need and the other of things I REALLY want but can live without. As my sales aren’t going through the roof I needed to be aware of how much I’m actually spend without getting too carried away. I have steered clear of all kits and just brought things I need and know I will use. I looked on a range of online shops and even went to a few car boot sales as you never know what your find! My favourite shopping destination is Cookson’s,  if you are like me and are setting up a little jewellery studio I have listed my purchases below:

Soldering Tools

–          Hand torch (Proxxon Microflame Burner)

–          Solder probe

–          Pickling salts

–          Liquid flux

–          Flux brush

–          Silver easy solder

–          Silver hard solder

–          Slow cooker –(Amazon/  Tesco’s)

–          Soldering Block

–          Tweezers (plastic & metal)

–          Shears

Work Bench Tools

–          Saw / blades

–          Bench Peg And Anvil

–          Looping pliers

–          Rawhide Mallet Size 3

–          Jobbing hammer

–          Emery sticks

–          Metal mandrel  (ring & bangle)

–          Ring sizer

–          Needle files

–          Scales

–          Bangle measurer

Most things were brought online but I did pick up a few bits from car boots and a lot looking around my dad’s garage. I have another free table lined up which I will use it as a soldering table and I am sure I will blog about it once its finished 🙂


About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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