New Deer Mug

I thought I would share the new updated Deer Love a Cuppa Mug! The illustration is sat lower on the ½ pint Mug, so the Deer or Doe will be grazing at the bottom of the cup. The back stamp has also been improved mentioning the ceramics are hand decorated in England! For sale on my Etsy shop!

See the new photos below, I hope you like the new improvements 🙂

2 31  5

About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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8 Responses to New Deer Mug

  1. Hi Gemma, Thank you for liking my post A New Kind of Art. I checked out your blog and I am blown away. These mugs are beautiful!

  2. These mugs are really beautiful, a very nice gift idea.
    You just got a new follower.

  3. Hello Pomelo says:

    Wow, beautiful work!!

  4. mementoamarehome says:

    Love these mugs! Thanks also for the like on our post.

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