Cute Animal Cards!

Lovely Deer is now selling cute cards! All cards are drawn by hand with help from my trusty Wacom and a little help from my computer / Illustrator. I have 4 new fun designs all including lovely woodland animals, having a great time at an English afternoon tea or what’s left of it!

These cutie cards measure 14.7 x 10.5 cms and to make them even better they have a fun sky blue lining inside the envelopes to make a snazzy card for any occasion.

Only £2.50 per Card or 3 Cards for £4.99. il_570xN.501918719_p48i il_570xN.501447808_nfqsil_570xN.502956976_ish3il_570xN.504869263_pjgm


About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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One Response to Cute Animal Cards!

  1. They’re adorable! 🙂

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