Grand Garden Design

So we moved into our new home and it was the first time ever we have a garden and even better than that we can do whatever we want to it!!!  We had a patch of grass and I wanted to make it look wonderful. I went to the best gardener I know, my mum and we looked through many books and Googled small garden ideas. I had one must have and that was grass, I firmly believe a garden without grass is no garden at all!

So we decided on getting rid of the large shed which took up soooo much space and to put patio down so we can sit outside and relax in the English sunshine. We thought about varies shapes and where to place the path. I went with a small circle of grass with a path leading around the circle with beds either side of the circle, with a patio at the back of the garden so I can make jewellery in the conservatory and look at the beautiful flowers. See the initial plan below.

20130715_222031We started digging the flower beds an path and you can see the massive shed below!

20130703_204950Next the shed is moved and more digging!

20130710_075841The hardest part was choosing the slabs, there is so much choice between concrete moulded slabs and sandstone. I looked at the pricing and found the beautiful sandstone was weirdly cheaper, this really shocked me. I went with a colour mix of different sandstone an chose a simple but effective pattern with 3 different slab sizes.  I went with tumbled stones for the small path that sits around the circle, as it has a lovely soft feel to walk on.

20130721_101050Next the patio was laid and a higher fence was put up to give us a little more privacy. We also turned the gate the other way around to open to the left and this little detail really makes all the difference.

20130729_191858The path around the circle was then laid.

20130731_183246Now on to the fun part, adding the flowers. I went to the reduced selection and got most of the flowers on the cheap and added lots of composed to the soil and added woodchip on top.

20130809_181629On the other side as the fence was a lot lower we added wooden trellis to stop the fence from rotting.

20130809_181641The garden nearly finished, I just need the grass to recover and for the plants to grow.

20130811_075234There are still a few garden bits and bobs I need to add like a feature Oliver tree in a large pot to sit in the corner of the patio, a few cute garden ornaments and wooden table to seat four with a parasol. But as everything in life this is a working progress and will take a while to finish.

20130917_08264920130917_082653 I also added 6 cute solar lights from Wilkinson at the bargain price of £1 per light!

20130917_082712I hope this gave you a little garden inspiration and if you have any ideas to improve it please let me know 🙂


About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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6 Responses to Grand Garden Design

  1. What a beautiful transformation into something absolutely stunning! Well done…this gives me some ideas for my garden…

  2. littlekoo says:

    Great use of a little space! It looks really lovely 🙂

  3. It looks like a professional did it…terrific job!

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