Soap Cake Workshop

I went on another half day course, I think I’m turning into a bit of an addict haha. This was Soap Cake Making and it was brilliant! This is for absolutely anyone, you don’t need one creative bone in your body!!

You start out with a silicon cake tin and mix soap with porridge oats (they used the Tesco’s value oats.) Next you pick your scent I went with coconut, the perfume needs to be 1% of the soap amount, you then add the soap mix it all in and pour quickly before it sets.

Bottom layerStep 2 is to make the center of the cake, I went for custard (vanilla scent) but you could go with a jelly middle in any colour you like. I used 250 grams of soap and added a few drops of yellow with a little white, mixed in the soap and poured on the base layer. We sprayed the soap with surgical spray to remove any bubbles and if we didn’t pour the soap quick enough we just popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds to turn it back to its liquid state.

Next I chose a fruit, added the colour and scent then mixed in the soap and poured into the mould. The fruits I chose were pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. With the fruit colours I used 1% of the soap amount to get the right colour and this is the same with determining the perfume amount. We used silicone fruit moulds, some of which were made from really fruit (strawberries, blue berries and raspberries) so they look good enough to eat!! They also had a range of cartoony looking fun which looked very fun especially when you can choose really bright vibrant colours.

Soap Cake

The topping I went for was meringue with another coconut scent, as too many smells mixed together can equal disaster haha. This was the easiest layer I poured in my scent added the soap and whisked the soap for a few minutes.  Next I poured on the final layer and added the fruit quickly so it sinks into the topping, to ensure the pieces wont fall off the cake. The Soap Cake takes around 20 minutes to set, after around 5 minutes (while the cake was still soft) I sliced the cake into 8 slices. The soap cake was now complete and it looked and smelt good enough to eat!

See my soap cake happily sitting in a soap dish in my bathroom below!

Soap Slices 20130602_082353


About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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4 Responses to Soap Cake Workshop

  1. Jackie says:

    That is so cute!

  2. It turned out soooo adorable! Hmm, maybe ‘too adorbs’ … I wanna eat cake now 😉

    Ada |

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