Jewellery Class

This weekend I attended a jewellery course just outside of Horsham with Jane Faulkner Jewellery.  It was an amazing workshop and I came away with a beautiful silver ring and pendant. Jane was a great teacher and the lunch included was a brilliant 3 course meal homemade by her husband.

I thought I would give you a step by step guide to making a silver ring and there was a lot of hammering involved which I found very stress relieving, sometimes it’s just nice to just bash metal with a hammer.

–          Measuring you ring size

–          Select the wire width and shape

–          Saw the metal

–          File the edges (make sure the edges are straight)

–          Form the ring shape by hammering the ring around the mandrel

Ring 1

Photo from

–          Hammer the ring into a D shape so the two ends meet straight on an butt

–          Apply flux to ring edges and place silver solder on the joint

ring 3

Photo from

 ring 2

Photo from

–          Heat the ring evenly with the torch flame and when the ring goes a deep red focus on the joint when the solder melts take the flame away.

–          Pick the ring up with tongs (copper, do not use steel) place the ring in the pickle pot to remove the firescale and rinse the ring.

ring 4

Photo from

–          Take the ring out after about 3 minutes and place in water, dry the ring

–          Place the ring back on the mandrel and hammer until the ring is circular

–          File the solder so the joint cannot be seen

–          Place the ring on the mandrel and sandpaper the whole ring

–          Hit the ring with a metal ball ring hammer (try and miss your fingers)

–          Polish up the ring

–          Tah Dah a lovely shiny ring (see mine below)



About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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