Wedding Cake

As I am on a cake theme recently I thought I would share how I began my wonderful love of cake decorating. I needed a cake for my wedding and went to many wedding fairs and found the prices extremely high and my bright idea was to make me own cake and gosh did it save me a lot of money. I would advise anyone to make their own cake it wasn’t stressfully and I enjoyed it! My guests loved them and they all appreciate the time I took making them.

Now I know what everyone is thinking I must enjoy cooking and be good at it atleast and the answer it no! My husband cooks everything and I hate cooking/ baking, so when telling my family and friends I was going to make my own cakes – the shock on everyone’s face was amusing, apart from my close friends who offered to help and were very supportive. On the run up to the wedding I did a vintage cupcake class at Angel Food Bakery and it was fun I learnt how to make iced roses which I wanted to make on my wedding cup cakes. The best thing about making sugar paste roses is that they can last upto 3 months!! My partners nan/ mum made the top fruit cake and a month before the wedding I began the wedding rose challenge (making 100 roses) and cooked and iced the cakes 2 days before the wedding.

The wedding toppers were a real challenge I desperately wanted and needed the beautiful by Kikuike who has a shop on Etsy, but the poor wedding budget meant this was now a DIY job, so please see the cake below

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About lovelydeer

My name is Gemma Phillips and I am a designer and illustrator of a range of home ware called Lovely Deer.
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3 Responses to Wedding Cake

  1. pinterestgirl95 says:

    The cake is so cute!! The penguins are adorable 🙂 Are they edible or just decoration?

  2. lovelydeer says:

    The penguins are edible (made from sugarpaste) but I haven’t had the heart to eat them haha

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